Saturday, May 29, 2010

OWH Memorial Day Bloghop

Hello - welcome to the OWH Memorial Bloghop if you got here from Nicole Craft Room Creations you are right on track, but if you need to get back to the start... here ya go. I was able to make two cards for this hop - First off, being a vet I am a HUGE fan of all things stars so when I saw this quickutz archivers exclusive star border I had to have it. I love love love how this one came out. Although after looking at it all day while setting up the blog I realized I should have embossed my sentiment.... next time.

The second one I just "threw" together with some stars that were cut and "laying around" - again cut from a quickutz archivers exclusive die. Doesn't look bad in the picture, but I don't like how my "miss u" turned out :o(
If I would stop being a Last Minute Lucy I would have / could have done something different.

Being one of the last stops makes this a good place for a little entertainment break... I have included a U-Tube video I found that is just hilarious. I wish we had all this technology - internet, FB, U-Tube around when I was in the Navy. Even just taking pictures... we didn't take pictures like people do now a days and videos were a real rarity. I chose this particular video because it shows how sailors "let their hair down" and relax in their spare time while deployed. They did the best job at editing and gotta give them props cuz they had the best dancers LOL. In going thru a bunch of these types of videos some of the comments that were posted were, if you can believe it, negative. Saying they were giving off "the wrong" impression of the military or "wasting" tax dollars... blah, blah, blah - are you kidding??? When confined to a ship for months at a time - you've got to find a way to let off some steam and I think this was a great outlet. So I say "THANK YOU!" to all that have served - past, present or future... my military years were some of the best times of my life and hope they feel the same. (this is one of my favorite pics - me and my girl on deployment in Korea 1990)

That video also brings me to why I support Operation Write Home... I know all about "mail call, mail call". Mail Call is HUGE deal when you are stationed overseas. Yes its great to email, but when you get something that you can hold in hot hands, that you can put under your pillow or in your pocket. . . that is the best. Not only is the OWH website very informative, but we have all had a blast chatting on Facebook. We have done some challenges with prizes, some image exchanges and other fun chatter. . . so after the blog hop - hop over to FB and join in on the fun! I think I have rambled long enough. . . .so hop on over to see Susan. . . .she has blog candy....